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The Ultimate Valentine’s Day Gift Guide For Her and Him

The Ultimate Valentine’s Day Gift Guide For Her and Him

sgrctit | Feb 09, 2022

Valentine’s Day is literally around the corner (LITERALLY!) and I’d be surprised if you haven’t been stressed out before by the thought of finding the perfect Valentine’s Day Gift for your partner. Maybe you’ve just started dating a couple of moths ago or maybe you’ve been living together for years, finding the right Valentine’s Day gift that’s the right balance between something that’s not too cheesy and not too over the top can be a real task!!

But we’re here to help, shopping for you significant other can be a daunting task, which is why we are here… we’ve got the perfect last minute gifts that your partner will appreciate! We’ve broken it down into categories based on how long you’ve been dating, with just about the right amount of cheese…

From those that have just had the awkward “Will you be my Valentine?” Q recently as you’ve been seeing each other for a matter of weeks to those that have exchanged vows we have something for everyone…

It’s Your First Valentine’s Day Together

For you we’ve picked out the perfect gift comprising of our Baked Goods and don’t forget to add on a special Valentine’s Day Card via the Add On’s because Love it or hate it, Valentine’s Day is a day you need to be prepared for especially if you’re celebrating it together for the first time. This is the perfect safe bet, that’s not too lovey dovey and show’s your appreciation without freaking them out, especially as they are likely going to be getting you a gift or organising something special for the occasion. P.S Add on an alcoholic beverage for something a little extra!

Baked Goods $42.95

You’ve been together 6 months

Ok so you’ve hit the half year mark, you’re starting to loosen up a bit (just a little). Your officially going out for dinner without wondering is this a thing or not… but still you’re keeping things at a steady pace (maybe you’ve tagged a few sneak peaks of your special someone online for all you friends that love a good Facebook Stalk). But let’s be honest by this stage you have some inside jokes (as cringe as they might be), you know them well enough to predict what they are into and what they aren’t. But you can never go wrong with what we’ve picked out for you our Cookie Box the perfect box to share together over a night in, as let’s be honest you’re at the stage where you can’t get enough of each other anyway and love a good night in together! Don’t forget to add a cute Valentine’s Day Card!!

Valentine’s Day Dessert Box – The Only One $69.95

You’ve been together for 1 Year

Well, well, well the one year mark hey! Exciting stuff, things are starting to look a little more serious. At this stage you’re starting to get the hang of things, you’ve likely already gotten them a handful of other presents for Christmas, Birthday and the like but maybe you’re running low on the perfect gift ideas. You can’t go wrong with the gift they actually want to receive choosing between our 2 Valentine’s Day Specials, Valentine’s Day Special 1 (Brownie + Balloon) and Valentine’s Day Special 2 (Cookie + Balloon) it’s the right amount of sweetening them up with a delicious (huge) brownie or cookie (depending on what special you go for) and hitting a home run with the added balloon! Trust us the balloon is a must…. if you want to make it even more special add another Valentine’s Day balloon or beverage to make the occasion extra OTT…

Valentine’s Day Special 1 $69.95

You’ve been together 2 years or longer

You know you’re partner pretty well by now… but you’re really pushing it with gift options. I mean after numerous occasions together how do you consistently surprise them with the unpredictable? Well we have something special for you.. This is the perfect gift to surprise your partner with at work when they least expect it. Trust us everyone want’s to be surprised at work, you’ll get extra brownie points for arranging something super special and meaningful. The perfect box is our Glad You Exist which also includes some treats for you and makes the perfect addition to date night (bonus!!)

Glad You Exist $89.95


This is the hard part… how do you top an engagement ring and the prospect of the upcoming wedding. This may seem like an impossible task but we’ve got the right resources for you to pull off the ultimate surprise. You and your partner are feeling on a high from your engagement and this is the perfect time to show off your love to those around you. Surprise that special someone at work with the perfect Love Story box, you even get to customise the alcohol to suit your partners preferences!! You seriously can’t go wrong with this gift, thank us later! Oh and this is the perfect opportunity to throw in a cheesy balloon because trust us, it gives everyone a good laugh which is what everyone needs this year!

Valentine’s Day Dessert Box – Love Story From $109.95


So you’ve done this whole Valentine’s Day thing a few times by now. You’ve probably failed at some and absolutely nailed others. You’re at the point where you don’t need anyone’s advice in order to figure out what your partner wants because you know them better than anyone else! But coming up with new ideas after all these years can be a real struggle. Valentine’s Day may feel overrated now but it’s the best excuse to celebrate your love for each other… Surprise them at work. Even if they said no Valentine’s Day gifts this year, everyone loves and appreciates a surprise plus what happens if they come home with a gift for you?! Preparation is key… For you guys we’ve selected our luxurious box Love Me Like You Do. Be sure to add a cute balloon for some added fun, now is the time to embarrass your partner at work (this opportunity doesn’t come around often!)

Valentine’s Day Box – Love Me Like You Do $129.95

We hope this helped make your Valentine’s Day shop that little bit easier! Don’t forget it’s not too late to get your orders in!!!

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Lot’s of Love Always, Sugar Coat It xoxoxo